The Teslake Advantage

Redefining the Market

Teslake's strategy is to eliminate the unnecessary and costly organizational structure, and create a virtual company for distribution and sell direct to the hospital. Teslake's mission delivers unprecedented savings direct to your hospital's bottom line. Deliverable savings in excess of 50% of your implant spend are not uncommon for Teslake's... time-tested and high-quality... product lines. We are ready to partner with you!

How it Works


Conduct a Conceptual Meeting

One of Teslake's experts will provide an overview of our acquisition strategy, technology, and an outline of the steps necessary to deliver substantial savings immediately and directly to your bottom line.

Data Collection and Bottom Line Calculation

Teslake collaborates with your internal personnel to create an individual impact analysis that will specify the savings you can deliver to your bottom line. In many cases, this will bring a service line that is in the red - to one that is in the black... substantially.

Technological Review and Evaluation

Teslake's technology is presented to the entire clinical team and also made available for clinical evaluation.

Onboarding and Acquisition Strategy Implementation

We are with you every step of the way as we implement a paradigm shift in acquisition as well as price reductions that could be as high 80%.


Focus on the Customer

At Teslake our concept of "partnership" is quite simply... If we don't have customers that are profitable then we don't have customers. A critical component to modern medicine is cost.  Teslake's technologies will provide the same or better outcome at a fraction of the cost.

Quality Standards

Increase Profitability with No Sacrifice to Quality

The quality standards employed by Teslake are second to none. All of Teslake's products are proudly made in the United States of America.

Delivering the highest quality implants available anywhere is priority number one!